Cycling can be a tremendously enjoyable activity. However, lots of cyclists have experienced painful sunburns in the past. Considering that the sport is conducted in outdoor settings, it’s obvious that sunburns are a possibility. However, lots of cyclists are unaware of the strategies that they can put in place to prevent them from suffering from sunburns. With this in mind, this article will outline eight easy ways that a cyclist can prevent themselves from getting sunburnt.

Choose the Right Top

Many cycling tops have been engineered to prevent sunburns from occurring. In light of this, it is critical that cyclists become aware of all of the different materials that are commonly used for these types of tops. Certain materials will be known to be better at blocking the sun than others. Choosing a top that is created from the best sun-blocking materials is a great way to prevent sunburns from happening.

Don’t Forget Sunblock

Sunblock is something that is sometimes forgotten by cyclists during long expeditions.

However, it can be argued that using sunblock throughout the entire body is one of the most effective and easy ways to prevent burns from occurring. Sunblock is immensely cheap, hence there is no reason why a cyclist shouldn’t stock up on this essential product for sun protection.

Leggings that Prevent Sun Damage

Just like with cycling tops, there are many leggings available that provide extensive sun protection. Cyclists should become acquainted with the various brands that create these leggings to see which ones have specifically designed their products to provide the most extensive protection against the sun. Leggings that are known throughout the cycling community for being the best at blocking sun rays should be ultimately chosen.

Blocking Sun Damage with Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential tool when trying to protect against damage from the sun. Many cyclists forget that staring at asphalt roads for hours on end can damage their eyes. It is not uncommon to hear about certain cyclists having vision problems after a long day of cycling. Thus, to protect the eyes from sun damage, research should be done into the most effective sunglasses for blocking harmful rays.

Hats are Essential

Hats should always be worn when cycling outside. Hats are able to provide a broad range of protection throughout the upper body and face from harmful sun rays. Some cyclists forgo using a hat as they believe that the protection provided is minimal. However, many experienced cyclists know that sun damage can add up when outside for a very long time. Having extra protection through a high-quality hat is a great way to prevent sun damage.

Choosing the Right Time for Cycling

Certain times of the day are known for being particularly bad when it comes to the risk of sunburn. For example, early afternoon is when the strongest sun rays are present. Hence, cyclists that are prone to sun damage should avoid cycling outside during these periods. Cyclists should follow weather information to see how strong such rays as ultraviolet rays may be before embarking on a cycling session.

Cycle in Safe Locations

Certain areas can be especially bad for cyclists that are prone to getting sunburnt. For example, cycling near deserts and other environments that attract sun rays is never recommended when trying to avoid getting sunburnt.

Don’t Cycle for Extensive Periods

Staying outside in the sun for an extended period of time will exponentially increase the chances of sun damage. Although many cyclists like to go on long expeditions, they should only do so rarely. Other times, simply going for a short hour-long cycling session will ensure that sun damage is kept at a minimum.