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  • June 22, 2023
How To Care For Your Cycling Kits So That They’ll Last

If you spend a lot of time on your bicycle, you’re going to want to take excellent care of your cycling kit. A little bit of extra kit will allow you to keep everything in excellent condition for a long time. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to make sure that your kit will last.

Learn More About Your Kit

If you don’t know much about your kit, you’re not going to be equipped to take care of it. You need to arm yourself with knowledge so that you have a clearer picture of what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Start doing some research so that you can deepen your understanding of the kit you own. Learn as much as you can about your kit. If you have any questions, you should do your best to seek out answers that make sense to you.

One of the best ways to learn about your kit is to visit your local bike shop that offers services like bike services, bike tours and rentals and sells kit.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tools

If you don’t have access to essential tools, caring for your kit is going to be difficult. You don’t need to have a complete professional tool kit, but you should make sure that you have a few essential tools on hand. A lack of tools can cause numerous problems for you.

As you learn more about your kit and the care that it needs, you’ll be able to see what kinds of tools you’ll need. Basic tools, like wrenches and screwdrivers, are extremely important to have. It’s likely that you’ll want to pick up a pair of pliers as well.

Ask For Advice

There are plenty of people out there that love cycling just as much as you do. You should try to connect with some of these people so that you can seek advice when you really need it. You might even be able to get feedback from someone that uses the same kit that you do.

If you don’t have friends or family members with a cycling kit like yours, you’re going to want to meet with people online. There are plenty of communities that can connect you with people that will be able to offer you guidance.

Look At The Manual

There is a very good chance that your cycling kit came with a manual or manuals. This is something that you’re going to want to read through when you have the chance. Manuals aren’t always exciting, but they can be extremely informative.

The manual will provide a lot of information about the care that your cycling kit needs. If you follow the instructions in the manual, then you should be able to keep your kit in great shape. Go through the manual and see what it has to tell you.

Get Help From Professionals When You Need It

You should absolutely try to take care of your cycling kit on your own. However, if you’re dealing with a major problem, you might need to take your bicycle to a professional. If your cycling kit is damaged, and you can’t handle the problems on your own, then you’re going to want to look for a cycling repair shop in your area.

Professional help can make a lot of difference if your bicycle is in bad shape. Professionals will be familiar with all kinds of bicycles. They will be able to take a look at your cycling kit and choose the best course of action.

Now that you understand how to care for your cycling kit, you’ll want to put this advice into practice. If you ride your bicycle on a regular basis, you can’t afford to be reckless. You’ll want to be sure that you’re taking excellent care of your bike and your equipment.

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  • May 28, 2022
8 Tremendously Easy Ways To Prevent Sunburns While Cycling

Cycling can be a tremendously enjoyable activity. However, lots of cyclists have experienced painful sunburns in the past. Considering that the sport is conducted in outdoor settings, it’s obvious that sunburns are a possibility. However, lots of cyclists are unaware of the strategies that they can put in place to prevent them from suffering from sunburns. With this in mind, this article will outline eight easy ways that a cyclist can prevent themselves from getting sunburnt.

Choose the Right Top

Many cycling tops have been engineered to prevent sunburns from occurring. In light of this, it is critical that cyclists become aware of all of the different materials that are commonly used for these types of tops. Certain materials will be known to be better at blocking the sun than others. Choosing a top that is created from the best sun-blocking materials is a great way to prevent sunburns from happening.

Don’t Forget Sunblock

Sunblock is something that is sometimes forgotten by cyclists during long expeditions.

However, it can be argued that using sunblock throughout the entire body is one of the most effective and easy ways to prevent burns from occurring. Sunblock is immensely cheap, hence there is no reason why a cyclist shouldn’t stock up on this essential product for sun protection.

Leggings that Prevent Sun Damage

Just like with cycling tops, there are many leggings available that provide extensive sun protection. Cyclists should become acquainted with the various brands that create these leggings to see which ones have specifically designed their products to provide the most extensive protection against the sun. Leggings that are known throughout the cycling community for being the best at blocking sun rays should be ultimately chosen.

Blocking Sun Damage with Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential tool when trying to protect against damage from the sun. Many cyclists forget that staring at asphalt roads for hours on end can damage their eyes. It is not uncommon to hear about certain cyclists having vision problems after a long day of cycling. Thus, to protect the eyes from sun damage, research should be done into the most effective sunglasses for blocking harmful rays.

Hats are Essential

Hats should always be worn when cycling outside. Hats are able to provide a broad range of protection throughout the upper body and face from harmful sun rays. Some cyclists forgo using a hat as they believe that the protection provided is minimal. However, many experienced cyclists know that sun damage can add up when outside for a very long time. Having extra protection through a high-quality hat is a great way to prevent sun damage.

Choosing the Right Time for Cycling

Certain times of the day are known for being particularly bad when it comes to the risk of sunburn. For example, early afternoon is when the strongest sun rays are present. Hence, cyclists that are prone to sun damage should avoid cycling outside during these periods. Cyclists should follow weather information to see how strong such rays as ultraviolet rays may be before embarking on a cycling session.

Cycle in Safe Locations

Certain areas can be especially bad for cyclists that are prone to getting sunburnt. For example, cycling near deserts and other environments that attract sun rays is never recommended when trying to avoid getting sunburnt.

Don’t Cycle for Extensive Periods

Staying outside in the sun for an extended period of time will exponentially increase the chances of sun damage. Although many cyclists like to go on long expeditions, they should only do so rarely. Other times, simply going for a short hour-long cycling session will ensure that sun damage is kept at a minimum.

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  • April 28, 2022
7 Compelling Reasons Why Cyclists Should Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga is known for being tremendously beneficial for overall health. Many people that have consistently practiced yoga for an extended period of time have found that everything from physical to mental health has improved dramatically. At the same time, cycling is also a great activity for boosting health. Thus, combining both yoga and cycling will allow anyone to become immensely healthy. With this in mind, here are seven compelling reasons why cyclists should start practicing yoga.

Boosts Time Needed for Recovery

Many cyclists find that they need to take a day or two off after going on particularly tiresome cycling sessions. Cyclists who are passionate about the sport are often very unwilling to take time off, however, do so as they become tired and achy after cycling too much. Amazingly, by practicing yoga, the ability for the body to repair itself becomes much more efficient. Cyclists will be able to partake in the activity without extended time off if they start practicing yoga.

Improves Sense of Balance

Balance is a key aspect of cycling. Without proper balance, it can be difficult for cyclists to make tight turns during such things as competitions. Yoga is particularly known for helping individuals gain a better sense of balance and equilibrium. Thus, combining both yoga with cycling will easily allow for better coordination and performance.

Muscle and Nerve Stability Increased

Certain muscles are contracted for extended periods of time while cycling. Many cyclists find that certain muscles, especially those found in the leg, become very tired and unstable after a long cycling session. Yoga is very effective in stabilizing muscles throughout the legs, meaning that common aches and pains experienced by cyclists will become a thing of the past.

Flexibility Improvements

Surprisingly, many cyclists complain of inflexibility in specific areas of their body.

The sport involves heavily using a limited amount of muscles, thus, areas which aren’t particularly used for such activities as peddling can become very inflexible over time. Thus, cyclists can restore flexibility to all areas of their body by partaking in yoga sessions which can improve flexibility almost instantaneously in certain individuals.

Everlasting Endurance

Simply put, cycling is an endurance sport. Many of the world’s best cyclists are masters at being able to endure pain and tiredness for long periods as they cycle courses which stretch for miles upon miles. Lots of novices in the sport find it tremendously hard to endure extended cycling sessions. Yoga can improve how the cardiovascular system handles prolonged exertion, which means that it helps bolster overall endurance. Cyclists that have always found it difficult to partake in long-distance cycling events have found great benefits from involving themselves in yoga classes.

Bolster Core Strength

The core, otherwise known as the abdominal muscles, are perhaps the most important muscle group when it comes to sports. Without a strong core, all other important movements in cycling cannot be completed. One of the biggest reasons why a particular cyclist may not be able to improve their personal best records is because they haven’t paid attention to improving their core. Yoga is primarily based around using the core for various different movements. Hence, after consistently practicing yoga, core strength will be astronomically boosted, which means personal bests will easily be broken due to increased core strength.

Powerful Peddling

Yoga can improve the physical strength that is required for important actions in cycling such as peddling. Being stronger at peddling means faster times and less fatigue. Seasoned cyclists that have done yoga for a few months will notice that they don’t need to peddle as hard to reach the same results as they did before beginning yoga.